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About Talvin

When asked what I do, I say, “I work at intersections.”

I cannot claim to be a specialist in Education, Disability, Software Development, Building in 3D environments, or any other single field.  However, I have a degree in Education/English, I have years of experience in the Disability Community (I myself have a mobility impairment in Real Life, and my wife is totally Blind), and I have created a diverse collection of scripts and structures using the principles of Universal Design.  Rather than focusing on one specific area and mastering it, I have learned the  skills of many different areas, so that I can communicate effectively with the specialists in each and work with them to create something greater.

I provide a number of free scripts and objects in my workshop, “The Mad Scientist’s Laboratory”, in the Callahania region of JokaydiaGrid.  I am also available to provide custom work for reasonable fees.  I understand that Educators are often working on a shoestring, and I am sure we can find a way to work within your budget.  I normally make my scripts Open Source, as I feel that this space works best when resources are made available to all.    If you require a different license, I am willing to negotiate.

I am also available to advise you on how to make your virtual space and activities more accessible to People With Disabilities.  If you have a student or client who requires specific accomodations, they should be actively involved in the design of those accomodations to the greatest extent possible.  I fully understand the need and desire for confidentiality, and I *will not* give out their name or other identifiable personal information–not even their “virtual” name–without explicit permission.   Privacy rules vary by jurisdiction, so please inform me of any other requirements that apply, and of course the wishes of those directly affected.

Contacting me:
Talvin.Muircastle AT gmail DOT com
If you prefer to contact me in-world, join the “OpenSim and Accessibility”  or “Skills for Hire” groups in Jokaydia or leave a note in my dropbox on Callahania (east end of the road).
Twitter: @Callahania

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