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From the keel up.

April 2, 2011

Our daughter took it very well.  I was especially proud that at no point did she insist that it wasn’t fair, she wanted her old ship back, etc. etc.

It was stolen. That’s not right. We can’t keep it.  That’s just how things are.

We’ve had several offers to build her a new one.  However, for the moment at least, I am trying my hand at it.  She has been watching me fumble through this, and she likes what I have done so far.  It’s not going to be authentic, accurate, or seaworthy, but it doesn’t need to be any of those.  It needs to be a lot of fun for her to play with, that’s all.  And it is built with love, and that makes it special.

Those who are able to build such large and complex objects: ships are a popular item right now, and nobody has set up a shop for them.  If you are looking for a good niche, this one has potential!   Money can be made doing custom work, as I have never known a virtual Captain who didn’t want to personalize their ship.  Vehicle code/physics are still a problem, but there’s plenty of room alongside the wharf!

Me?  Hey, I’m a scripter.  I build and even occasionally play around in GIMP, but I don’t normally brag about it on the Internet, if that tells you anything. 😉 This is a special case.

Partially completed ship.

Obviously, I have a few lines to splice, sails to hoist, and decks to swab yet.  This is just where I am stopping for the night.  She’ll have a proud…well, as I told a friend, “8-gun something!”  And it will be all hers, and she’ll know that it is honest work, even if it isn’t as pretty as what the pros do.

When I finally raise the Jolly Roger, I’ll post some completed pictures.

Proudly teaching my little girl that a woman’s place is before the mainmast and fire as you bear!

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