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New Freebie: the Priority Pyramid!

March 17, 2011

Blame Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for this one.  I was looking at the Wikipedia Article on Maslow’s Hierarchy, and I found a section talking about how some people want to put the different items at different levels of the pyramid.  That collided with my Primitive Coder Brain, and suddenly I had an idea for a simple tool you can use with your students in a virtual world.

The pyramid, from top to bottom: Family, Recreation, School, Work.

This is a Priority Pyramid–actually 4 separate objects stacked up.  (It doesn’t even have to be a pyramid, arrange them any way you like!)

When you click on one of the levels of the pyramid, and then click on another level, they swap places.  They move and resize themselves.  For this example, we will assume that a student is working through how to prioritize his or her activities during High School.  How much time should be devoted to each?

Work and School look to be a bit out of order! Let’s click Work, and decide what to swap it with. For now, let’s put it on the second level down, so we click Recreation.

The Pyramid from top down: Family, Work, School, Recreation That’s a little better!  School is definitely in the wrong place, though. That should be taking up the bulk of their time.  Swap that with Recreation!  And let’s swap Family down to the next-largest spot, so for the next step we click Family and then Recreation again.

Pyramid from top to bottom: Recreation, Work, Family, School

That’s a little closer to the ideal for a high school student, now isn’t it?

You aren’t bound to a pyramid, of course.  This script just swaps the scale and position of any two clicked objects that are within chat range of one another. (Caveat: llSetPos() only works within 10 meters)  The pyramid is only how I first envisioned it in an online classroom setting.

I’ll box this up and put a copy of it in The Mad Scientist’s Workshop.  Or, you can just use the script with your own builds.  I’ll paste it below!

//Copyright 2011 by Talvin Muircastle @ JokaydiaGrid.  Licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribute/Share-Alike License.

integer chan=-1050;
integer l;

    on_rez(integer start)

    touch_start(integer n)
        l=llListen(chan, "", "", "");
        string pos=(string)llGetPos();
        string size=(string)llGetScale();
        llSay(chan, pos + "," + size);

    listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg)
        list temp=llCSV2List(msg);
        string pos=(string)llGetPos();
        string size=(string)llGetScale();
        llSay(chan, pos + "," + size);
        llSetPos(llList2Vector(temp, 0));
        llSetScale(llList2Vector(temp, 1));
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