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A Big Welcome to VWBPE on the Whistlestop Tour!

March 17, 2011

Tonight, the entire Muircastle family (Talvin, Dianna, and Fiona) will be on hand to meet and greet the Whistlestop Tour! Jokay Wollongong will be taking a group through JokaydiaGrid and highlighting areas of interest.

Our stop is Callahania, a mixed-use sim.  You will be landing at my little shop and workspace, “The Mad Scientists’s Laboratory”.  Here I offer free, Creative Commons-licensed tools for Educators and People With Disabilities.

I also do work for hire, and you’ll have a chance to see the Proof of Concept of my current project.  I am currently working on the Perseus Quest System, a modular, customizable Quest/Achievement system for OpenSimulator, aimed primarily at the Education market.  To see how this works, you’ll have a chance to animate Frankenstein’s Monster! This shows off just a handful of the modules that will be part of Perseus.

Also present will be my wife, Dianna Muircastle.  Dianna is totally Blind and has been in virtual worlds (starting with MUCKs) since 1995.  She occasionally works as a consultant on Blindness and Virtual Worlds, Distance Education, and Access Technology.

Finally,  meet our daughter, Fiona Muircastle.  Fiona is only six years old, but she has adapted to this environment very quickly!  She is one of the youngest active Residents of Jokaydia, and she loves exploring the grid, trying on new attachments,  meeting new people, and collecting freebies.  Just like the rest of us!  Jokaydia has been incorporated into our homeschooling as an incentive: after all, if you want to find something in inventory, you better be able to read it! 😉

Jokaydia is a small but growing grid with a real sense of community–much like a Real Life Neighborhood in many ways. We’ll only have a few minutes with you tonight, but we hope you will come back to visit again, or even to stay.

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